September, 2009

IN THE DARK: thoughts on the anxiety of writing fiction

*cross-posted to Storytellers Unplugged When I was in university, one of my closest friends asked me if writing fiction couldn’t be a “hobby” instead of something I staked my future and my livelihood on. I was adamant that it could not. I had to create or die, dammit! I was born to be a writer!…

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a little wisdom from David Foster Wallace

(thank you Marta Zieba) “As if how we construct meaning were not actually a matter of personal, intentional choice, of conscious decision. Plus, there’s the matter of arrogance… There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is WHAT to worship… If you worship money and things– if they…

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The Day I Became A Freaking American

This shows you how crazy my life has become: before I got sworn in as an American citizen I didn’t regard it as that big a deal. It was like an item on my to-do list: write 1200 words. buy lego set for kid. become citizen. get to yoga. And the fact that I had…

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writing as a man

My first tweet of the day: My protagonist already a bit different than originally envisioned; you don’t know who your people are until you start to write them. Or at least I don’t. I can make all the notes I want, brainstorm, write up elaborate backstories, pick apart their psychology, deliberately choose bits of personality…

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Zombies: Encounters With The Hungry Dead

A reader had asked about the title of the forthcoming zombie anthology that includes a story of mine called “Best Served Cold”*. The editor of the antho, John Skipp, took it upon his gracious self to answer the question in full, so I’ll just reprint him here: The book’s called ZOMBIES: ENCOUNTERS WITH THE HUNGRY…

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planning new blog

1 So I’m planning a new blog (as part of a new website) and I’ve been wondering what to do about this LJ. What makes sense to me is to keep this livejournal as very much that — a journal — where I can write about whatever doesn’t fit the new blog (Pop Angel: The…

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