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So I’m planning a new blog (as part of a new website) and I’ve been wondering what to do about this LJ. What makes sense to me is to keep this livejournal as very much that — a journal — where I can write about whatever doesn’t fit the new blog (Pop Angel: The Creative Life in the Digital Age) and also test out thoughts and ideas that I can then develop into more polished articles for Pop Angel. I see this LJ as being more personal, the new blog more information-oriented, more ‘useful’. But basically I’m winging it.

And if there’s something specific you’d like me to write more about, some aspect of writing/publishing or whatever — questions you’d like me to address, conversations you’d like me to attempt to initiate — for the love of the pagan gods, people, please let me know! You can drop a comment here or a note at We’re all in this together. (As to what particular ‘this’ I am talking about, I am not sure myself, but my intentions are good.)


On Friday I became an American citizen (and a registered Democrat). Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll write more about both at some later point, but wanted to share. Tomorrow is also the first day of kindergarten for my twin sons (“How did this happen?” I was asking my ever-patient housekeeper, “I was 25 last week, feels like, and now my kids are in kindergarten?” It’s such a cliche to reflect on how time flies, but cliches are cliches for a reason. And aside from the whole physical-decay-and-approaching-death thing, getting older is an awesome experience.)

Ever since I had my kids, I’ve been looking forward to becoming part of their school community as they wind their way up through the grades. This morning, the one-hour orientation session for parents and students marked the beginning of that. What I never predicted is how I would be sitting in the front row while my ex-husband (the recent subject of a New Yorker article) and his much younger girlfriend* sat behind me, or that afterwards we would gather round for a relatively friendly chat. But this is part of what makes life so interesting.**

That, and my growing coffee mug collection. When I mentioned to Dude that I needed to replace some of my chipped and crappier mugs, he took it upon himself to augment my household with mugs he brings back from various work-related travels. I now have a splashy Maui mug, and a sturdy Amish Country mug, but my favorite is the New Orleans mug, for it is bright and colorful.

* she was wearing a pair of high-heeled oxford-style Christian Louboutins. I give her thumbs-up for choice of footwear. I myself was wearing slightly-more-sensible black Givenchy ankle boots with chains draped across the wedged heels.

** and, possibly, why wishing an interesting life upon a person — “May you live in interesting times” — was regarded as kind of a curse. But nevermind.

Sep 1, 2009

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I would love a book, fiction, about your experience of becoming and not becoming a trophy wife.


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