October, 2009

THE ENIGMA OF DESIRE: “the heart of storytelling is mystery”

1 I’m at the World Fantasy Convention in San Jose. Dude came with me. He went off to have a meeting with someone at the Google headquarters in Mountain View – “I used to live in Mountain View,” I said, with maybe just a touch of nostalgia, which is odd, because that was not an…

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era of the author platform

1 If this blog has a purpose, it’s to explore the question of how to be a successful professional writer in the twenty first century. Part of that sums up in two words: author platform. I’m not sure when I first heard the term, or realized it now applies to me. My understanding of ‘platform’…

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FAILURE IS GOOD FOR YOU: how practice novels helped me get published

Fear of failure is a bitch. It’s like the bitch god or bitch goddess – depending on your preferred visualization – holding sway over so many of us. We learn young – especially in this culture – that people can be either winners or losers, and to be a loser – to Fail – is…

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box seats at the Lakers game with famous people

1 Yesterday I imported this Livejournal to WordPress.com, so there are now mirrored versions. I will continue to post there (I love the community at Livejournal, can’t fathom leaving) as well as over here, which means that you, dearest reader, have your pick. Sadly, during transport all my gorgeous comments got left behind. I know…

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reading is the inhale, writing is the exhale: developing writer’s intuition

1 Reading came first. It always does. Reading is the inhale, writing is the exhale. I once read somewhere that kids who like to read fall into two groups. The first naturally picks up reading from their environment: they see their parents reading, they find books in the house, they go to libraries and bookstores…

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TRUST ME: Review of “TRUST AGENTS: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation & Gain Trust”

In my ongoing quest to learn about social media and how it applies to my life as a writer, I’ve attempted to review one of my favorite books on the topic. Would appreciate your thoughts & comments. TRUST AGENTS (by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith) fascinated me from the beginning, not just for the subject…

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I like the tousled sexy people

My trainer, John, is married to a gorgeous ex-model who knows how to cook, which might be why John talks more about food than almost anyone I’ve ever met. “She made a roast chicken stuffed with lots of garlic last night, and it was awesome,” he told me. “So I’m rather pungent today.” He was….

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mom’s house, dad’s house

Way too long since my last post — I know, I know. I blame this big, complicated divorce. Also I haven’t been feeling very good, in what seems to be an on-again off-again virus. Begone, stupid virus. At least until my kids bring it back and start it circulating through the house’s population again (kids…

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