May, 2010

why writing a manifesta can help you develop a creative vision (and sell more books and maybe even change the world)

(note: I’m using ‘manifesta’ instead of ‘manifesto’ because I like the womanly sound of it. indulge me.) One of my favorite bloggers, Kelly Diels writes a bang-up post about what she would do if she was a new writer named Dorothy who’d just published a book about her adventures on the yellow brick road: So…

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the writer as seducer

Writers, like seducers, aspire to get outside of themselves and into the perspective of another person, to gather information they can use in their campaign. They develop a ‘cool eye’: the ability to step outside of their own ego and exist within the moment, to see things as objectively as they can. Storytelling, like seduction,…

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why ‘write what you know’ can be very bad advice

Write what you know. This has always been problematic advice for me. I started writing fiction when I was very young – I wrote my first novel when I was 14 and it almost, almost, got published several years later – and I could sense from my obsessive reading that writers were supposed to know…

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why strong author branding = passion & soul (and should not be cause for despair)

1 A writer’s idea of a writing career has to change. Jane Friedman said this in a webinar I attended recently, and I’ve been mulling it over ever since. I’m also wondering if a writer’s idea of a brand has to change. I wrote about the importance of developing your author brand in my last…

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