August, 2010

you: beautiful rebel. you: spitting truth to power.

There is your “social self” and “essential self”. Your essential self is your true self. It alone knows what you need to thrive. It tries to send that knowledge up through your social self like seedlings struggling up through the dirt to break surface, seek sunlight. You get glimmerings. You get flashes of insight. You…

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platform, branding, and Seth: meaning is the new money

It was only a matter of time before Seth Godin quit traditional publishing. (Apparently he’s tried it before. But I bet he really means it this time.) When he talks, or writes, or posts on his blog, or gives away free stuff, people pay attention. Lots and lots and lots of people. He no longer…

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7 ways to navigate the middle of your novel (and maybe your life)

I’m in the muck and murk of my novel, otherwise known as “the middle”. The middle is a difficult place. It’s hard to sustain tension. It’s easy to get lost. And I got lost – which manifests itself, for me, in writer’s block, like a big hand rising out of my subconscious to smack me…

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how to grow your own passion (and talent) even if you don’t think you have any (or: develop your own interestingness, part five)

Perhaps one of the most crippling beliefs in this culture is that talent is an inborn, fixed, unchanging quality. Either you’re born with it or you’re not. The revelations about something called deliberate practice point up a different truth. Talent starts out as a spark, a glimmer, that is protected, coached and nurtured through years…

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why passion is sometimes overrated (how to develop your own interestingness, part four)

1 When I first tweeted about my post the importance of being interesting(the first in this series), one of my followers/followees responded I’m pretty sure I’m the most boring person on the planet.* And in the comments section of my most recent post, Irving Podulsky asked the very valid question: Can one LEARN to be…

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10 Traits of Interestingness (how to develop your own interestingness, part three)

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Ten Things That Make You Interesting (how to develop your own interestingness, part two)

You can define interestingness as “the quality or condition of being interesting” (duh!) or, perhaps more importantly, “the ability to hold one’s attention.” We all want to be interested and interesting. In her book FASCINATE, Sally Hogshead refers to a study that demonstrates how “people would be willing to pay almost a week’s salary to…

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