are you in your creative element?



My first-ever guest post is up at Lateral Action. It’s about finding “your element”, that sweet spot, that wild streak of creative you that puts you in the zone.

Writing that post — and reading about multiple intelligences — made me realize something. When I write, I tend to get up and move around a lot. I pace. I dismissed it as restlessness, as nervous energy. It dawned on me: No. That’s how I think. As a kid, I was into gymnastics and dance, and then later it was martial arts (and for a period in my twenties it was dancing on tabletops, but nevermind) and long, long walks with the dog. Intelligence operates in different ways on different levels at the same time: it’s so much more dynamic than an IQ score would have us believe. My own creative process seems to require physical movement, a kind of thinking through the body. That bodymind is a powerful thing.

Sep 6, 2010

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This is something Tony Robbins is always talking about – “motion creates emotion”.


There is so much in this post. I was the outspoken girl – not the “bad” or the “good” but the girl who just didn’t care that much what other people thought. I was and am the black sheep of the family etc – the creative one; the one who has lived abroad; the one who has a child and yet was not married… Although I have never carried the “bad girl” label, I know the freedom that not living within the “good girl” label brings with it. I do my thing – I not only do my thing but allow my daughter the freedom to be herself and do her thing. It is that freedom to do what is authentic over what is expected. We are a society that likes the expected, the known, the black and the white – we were raised like that and we raise our kids like that…


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