October, 2010

how a writer (or other creative) can develop multiple sources of revenue, part two

“There is a home,” says Kevin Kelly, “for creatives between poverty and stardom.” Amen to that. Kelly’s idea is that an artist can strive not (just) for bestseller-dom but direct contact with 1000 True Fans (surrounded by concentric rings of Lesser Fans who might one day convert into more True Fans). True fans are the…

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stories are medicine

There are two kinds of power: power to (influence, inspire) and power over (intimidate, oppress, to rule through fear and bullying). Creatives engage in the power of the first kind. This is a shortened version of a speech by Nina Simons which calls on us to use our power with fullness and wisdom. So I…

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how a writer can develop multiple streams of revenue: part one

1 I’m intrigued by phrases like “portfolio career” and “multiple streams of revenue” and how they apply to the idea of the 21st century writer. A “portfolio career” is when a person manages a portfolio of part-time jobs that combine (hopefully) into a full-time income. Writers tend to have to do this anyway. So how…

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