November, 2010

two sides of marketing: what makes people buy your books

I was reading through Chris Brogan’s blog the other day and noticed a post he did about “the two sides of marketing”: Some marketing is designed to convince you that your life would be better if you had this (we’ll call that the A side). Other marketing is designed to find the people who are…

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how to put heart & soul into your story structure

There are few things more intellectually beautiful, to me, than a well-crafted story structure. To quote Hannibal from the 80’s show THE A-TEAM – not exactly a literary figure, I know, but bear with me – “I love it when a plan comes together.” When you can’t put the book down. When different storythreads weave…

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what a conversation with a seduction guru taught me about creativity

This week I wrote an article for a magazine. Which is an interesting development in itself, because I never saw myself as someone who wrote articles for a popular women’s magazine. I saw myself as someone who wrote fiction. Period. I was a novelist. Period. Nonfiction just hadn’t been woven into my DNA (never mind…

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should you post your fiction on your blog?

Should an unknown, unpublished writer post her fiction on her blog in an attempt to build her readership and perhaps get ‘discovered’ by an agent or editor? Well. Maybe not so much. Because even when your fiction is free, it isn’t free. It demands time and energy with no guarantee of pay-off. There’s also the…

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how to develop a creative practice (and why it actually does make you more creative)

When my life underwent massive upheaval (a.k.a. divorce) I started an obsessive search for answers about how to live and who to be, reading my way through the self-help books I used to scorn and the personal finance books I’d never bothered to examine beyond the first few pages. I read about addictions and personality…

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