December, 2010

why you probably do need a blog

There’s a lot of talk about ‘platform’ and ‘brand’ and ‘voice’, as if these are individual elements that are separate from each other. What I suggest is this: Your platform is your brand is your voice. There is no clear separation of the three. And the heart of this is your blog, which is why…

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developing your audience through a “world worthy of devotion”

….and if you don’t want to watch the video, this is what I said: Once you have the reader’s attention you have to engage her and keep her coming back for more. That’s why storytelling is so important, and a good author platform tells its own story as it grows and evolves along with the…

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books to change your life, or at least your mind: creativity

I was inspired by Danielle Laporte’s blog to think about the books I’ve read in the past year or two and cull the ones I found especially powerful. So I give unto you, Dear Reader, as we consider the ending of one year and the beginning of another, some lists of really cool books. I’ve…

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how to find a niche to dominate (& battle your way through the blogosphere)

Lo, it is my attempt at a video blog post! I am not sure why the sound is so out of sync, but clearly I’ve got some learnin’ to do. Bullet points: There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet. (You didn’t already know this, right?) To cut through the blogosphere, it helps to make…

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the secret ingredient to a strong author platform

I have come to believe that an author platform is its own cool thing. It isn’t something you can just slap on top of your novel – a coat of promotion, a sprinkle of marketing – but a living, growing entity in its own right. It needs to reach into many different places. You can’t…

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