ego vs soul



The ego is about image.
The soul is about authenticity.

The ego can’t take constructive criticism.
The soul seeks it out and welcomes it.

The ego confuses itself with the work.
The soul stands apart from the work.

The ego wants to be seen as the best.
The soul wants to keep getting better.

The ego is about the number of fans and followers.
The soul is about relatedness and community.

The ego wants to be famous.
The soul wants to start a movement.

The ego is all about me.
The soul promotes self through serving others.

The ego tries to control the message.
The soul trusts the message to take on a life of its own.

The ego talks.
The soul looks and listens.

The ego is closed off.
The soul is open and transparent.

The ego competes and dominates.
The soul co-creates.

The ego lives from scarcity.
The soul lives from abundance.

The ego cares only about the end performance.
The soul is in love with the process.

The ego contracts.
The soul expands.

The ego is spam.
The soul is useful content.

The ego is hollow.
The soul contains multitudes.

Jan 4, 2011

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This is brilliant – just makes it all so clear. I know which one I’m more attracted to.


Beautiful, Justine.
Thanks for taking us on this journey of self.
As far as I can ascertain, your are all soul — through and through.
Exquisite post.


You got it so right! Thank you for sharing. It really has me thinking about my own writing and the process.


That’s so very true, and beautifully written :) I think we all have a little bit of ego, but it’s our soul that allows us to fight against it and push it away, because it makes us understand how wrong the ego in us is.



Thank you for an Awesome Post!

I know it may not seem much but I posted about your post today.
(hope it sends a bit of Traffic your way)

You really got me thinking about my approach.
Am I full of Ego or Soul or (Hopefully) a Good Healthy Balance of Both?
You Really did get across in this one.

I Love when someone makes me “THINK”!


Anything at Anytime


This really makes you think, you know.. I like to think that I am more soul than ego, I do take steps to be a better person, a better friend, a better daughter, and a better writer (taking a creative writing class soon) I did go through a faze of wanting to get followers and would write anything that would bring them in, but soon realized that wasn’t what I wanted, and I went back to writing what I wanted to say. I may not have 200 followers, or even close, but it doesn’t matter. I write for me..

Great post!


I really enjoyed it and it has given me something to think about.
Oh and Danny sent me over for a visit.


We can say the same things about personality and character…ego=personality character=soul

Hope to see you in a few weeks when I perform in Expressing Motherhood.


What can I say? Brilliant, great post!


This is a great post. I love how simple you make it. This is a difficult topic for some people.



It’s a little sad how “ego” has developed from Freud’s emotional fulcrum to the grotesque amalgam of our selfish desires. Soul, however, remains desirable. You seem to have soul, Justine!


I love this, Justine!

Holly, I really groove on your way of expressing it, too. There’s not much point in saying one is better than the other because we’ll be navigating with both as long as we live.

One thing that seems to simplify the navigation/negotiation is self acceptance. The soul has nothing to prove, and every experience that lets the ego glimpse that kind of peace (say, through meditation) increases the level of trust between the two. The greater the trust, the more soul stuff can shine through.


This is great – I am going to link to it on my blog. You have nailed it!


Maybe the EGO is what defines us as to what we want others to see us whereas the Soul can’t be arsed:)),unearthly far out beyond the norm, neutral as THE FIELD, beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing, cosmic as THE FORCE(i like this link; what the heck do i really know about this compulsions as this could be just the dance of the elements.


This is a great post. I think the one I struggled with the most is:

The ego tries to control the message.
The soul trusts the message to take on a life of its own.


Resonance. Thank you for showing up and allowing your soul
to rule Justine. Of all the stuff online you totally touch me with your
authenticity, living out loud, sentence tone and structure, and the ability
to show your personality through words.



thanks for the soul food.


What’s a soul?


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