March, 2011

Three Story Skills that Self-Published Novelists Need

Hello boys and girls, I would like to present today’s guest post from one of the best writing-advice-givers out there, author-agent Donald Maass. By Donald Maass Author of The Breakout Novelist: Craft and Strategies for Career Fiction Writers Here are three things that glib, hasty or form declines from New York aren’t telling you.The solutions…

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where to find your interestingness as a writer + blogger + ruler of your domain*

1 I did an online guest lecture/Q&A for the e-course “How to Build Your Author Platform” offered by Dan Blank of Much fun. One of the questions involved the question of what to blog about. The student knew the way to attract an audience is to go narrow and deep: choose a niche, write…

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how to get out of your own way and quit procrastinating on your novel

1 A few weeks ago, a woman named Marie Forleo surprised about eighteen other women and me with a boudoir photo session. We were all solo entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs gathered for a three day retreat in Santa Monica. You wouldn’t think that posing in lingerie (or nothing at all) has anything to do with…

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why the world needs you to be a “creative badass” (and have a zestful f*ck you spirit)

In which this blogger ponders the matter of identifying your audience, the word “psychographic”, and the defining characteristics of the creative badass.

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britney spears + lessons of badass blogging

Be unapologetic.

I’m a woman. I tend to apologize too much. Women tend to do that. We throw around “I’m sorry” like we do “please” and “thank you”; it’s a reflexive response, a form of courtesy, and other women know that. (Whereas a man will think that if you apologize for something, you really did fuck up in some way.)

Many women – not all – want to apologize just for taking up space. We think if we speak up, sprawl out, jump into the conversation, if we act eager and animated and passionate, we’ll come off as…obnoxious.

But in truth, it’s the reverse behavior – acting aloof, quiet, guarded — being in-your-head instead of in-the-moment – that people find much more difficult to connect with. When you’re onstage, people want you to be animated and eager and passionate. It wakes them up. It engages them. It takes them out of their heads and puts them right smack in the moment, and it’s in the here and now that we feel the most alive.

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help me with my big badass banana (and why you might want one for yourself)

I was on the phone with online marketing genius (among other things) Marie Forleo and she told me that my site immediately needed two things: an opt-in box and a Big Banana. (I like to think of this as one of the [many] blogging mistakes I made so that you don’t have to. I put…

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why tapping into your emotional sweetspot = your most remarkable creative work

1 One of my favorite anecdotes concerns bestselling author Steven Pressfield. He was a struggling screenwriter who decided he would only work on projects that he deemed ‘commercial’. When that didn’t get him anywhere, he decided Fuck it (I’m paraphrasing) and wrote exactly what he wanted to write. Which of course is when his career…

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