April, 2011

why you need to give it away (to be a successful creative)

We give it away because art is a gift, and the Internet is a gift economy. “As the ‘greed is good’ exchange-based economic system goes into terminal meltdown, alternative paradigms are emerging.” We give it away because the purpose of gifts is to establish relationships, and we are entering an age of interconnectedness like never…

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how to write a novel in 90 days

I like to think of writing fiction as a difficult and intricate kind of magic. Magic = skills + art. You need to learn a rather stunning array of skills, whether it’s the rules of decent grammar or the principles of storytelling, and then you need to transform them into something your own. The dancer…

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move through the creative gap (all the way to the power of awesome)

1 In a video that’s totally worth your time, Nick Campbell talks about the “creative gap”: Nick Campbell – The Creative Gap: Becoming Better Than Most from Nick Campbell on Vimeo. It’s the gap between how good you are now and how good you want to be. It’s the gap between you and your potential…

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exploring the difference between having readers and having FANS

1 A writer recently told me that she felt a need to develop her “social media presence” because, even though she’s had a string of novels successfully published, she doesn’t think she has fans. “I have readers,” she told me, as we drove through Beverly Hills looking for a place to have a drink, “Not…

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the creative badass manifesto (a work in progress)

Become your own revolution. Your creativity is your birthright. When people try to chase or laugh or stamp it out of you, smile and ignore. You don’t know who you are until you know what you can do. People don’t see you as you are; they see you as they are. Practice deliberately. You have…

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turn your blog into a social object of desire

Many author blogs tend to be online personal journals. Writers will write about their life and give their opinions and share a bit about their novel-in-progress and maybe chart their daily wordcount. There’s nothing wrong with this – but if you’re not already successful offline, it can lack social gravitational pull. It doesn’t give people…

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