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This morning I asked on Facebook and Twitter: What do smart women know? I distilled the answers into this post. Thank you to everyone who participated*. You are awesome sauce.

Smart women know that perfection is annoying and overrated.

Smart women know to be gloriously imperfect.

Smart women know that they are responsible for creating the beauty in their lives.

Smart women know that there is more to life than being in a relationship.

Smart women know that success stems from love, connection and leading from the soul.

Smart women know that great men exist and they are not the enemy.

Smart women know that people are going to talk whatever you do, so stand tall in power and intention and continue to forge ahead.

Smart women know that it’s good to be bold.

Smart women know that they can feel fear and still act fearless.

Smart women know who they are and what they’re worth.

Smart women know they have to make up their own rules to get ahead.

Smart women know not to get caught up in ego bullshit, but to get out into the world and do the work they’re called to do.

Smart women know that love is an action, and not (just) a warm fuzzy feeling.

Smart women know to let go and forgive.

Smart women know that their self-worth does not depend upon a man.

Smart women know how much they don’t know. They know humility.

Smart women know that being and expressing fully who they are brings joy and peace and fulfillment.

Smart women know to listen to their intuition and their hearts and live from the inside-out.

Smart women know how to say no nicely, how to say it like a hardass, and when to use either approach.

Smart women know other smart women, when to ask advice and when to listen.

Smart women know that misogyny is in our cultural DNA and when to push back.

Smart women know that men come and go but a dog will love you forever.

What else do smart women — and men — know? Add in the comments below.

*Emelie Rota, Sorinne Ardeleanu, Kaynek Young, Betsy Peters, A Luis Moro, Joanne Meade, D’Lanie Blaze, Jean Morgan Compton, Cyd Madsen, Julie M Daley, Laurie Sutherland, Naima Singletary, Susan Kelly, Erin Griggs, Tae Phoenix, Juana, Annie, Laura Anne Gilman

Feb 24, 2012

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Smart women leap off the edge knowing they WILL fly.


Aw, sorry I missed the question.

Smart women know what they want.

Smart women know when to stop.

Smart women know who they are.

Smart women know they can rely on only themselves if they have to, but they don’t have to.


Smart women know how to LIVE in the present.


“Smart women know that people are going to talk…” That is SO true!

Smart women use their ears more than their mouths.

Smart women know how to drive!


smart women know that it is ok to be yourself


I demand equal time for stupid men!


Smart women keep friends that energize and keep a safe distance from ones that deplete.

Smart women know when to trust their own intuition or when to trust their friends’ perspective.

Smart women have generous spirits.

Smart women take naps.


This post of yours is a perfect illustration of something I was just talking about…

The other day, I was telling my girlfriend about blogs that I follow (she asked me what an RSS feed was), and I was running down the list. When your name came up, I mentioned that you were one of my favorites because you publish such excellent, confident, and insightful posts.

I did, however, point out two things:

1) You often title your posts in ways that scream “look at me!” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that — can’t argue with results. But I do notice it, and sometimes it seems a bit “markety” to me, which, I guess, is the idea of blogging for most people.)

2) You act as if you write for a predominantly female audience, but I don’t think that’s entirely accurate.

I think you actually write for a predominantly “feminist” audience. I put the word in quotes because I don’t want it confused with the negative variety of ultra-feminism that gives those who stand up for equal rights/opportunities for all (not just women) a bad name. You don’t have to be a woman to be a real feminist (or gay to stand up for gay rights, for example).

The great thing about your writing on this blog is that it is perfectly suited to your niche. By writing “to” women you attract exactly the audience you seem to want. I.e. strong women (of course) but also men who don’t get hung up on the gender issue of reading a woman’s blog about “woman stuff.” Because your blog is certainly not just for women or about only “women stuff.” Almost all of your lessons apply equally (although the ones about being sexy, I must admit, I have a hard time with — most of us men just aren’t sexy!).

It’s sort of like the quote: “Do what you want because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.” Yes, very overused, but I think it applies here.

One of my favorite lessons in business is that you get exactly the clientele that you cater to. If you run a restaurant and can’t stand it when loud families come in, stop catering to families! If you run a bar and don’t want douche-bags in there, then classy the place up a bit! Etc…

People in business so often are confused as to why they can’t get the customers or fans that they want. You aren’t, and I truly respect that.

Keep up the great writing.


Smart women know that being strong and feminine at the same time is both possible and powerful.


smart women know where the nice bags and shoes are sold.


Smart men know when they meet a smart woman


Smart women know that hard times, bad times, and even worse times come, but that they’ll make it through.


Smart women never make excuses for who they are.


Smart women know when to admit there wrong.


Smart women know how to embrace every stage of their lives. As they get older, they know that their beauty lies within, it shows in the radiance and glow in their face and eyes!


Smart women know love of self comes before all


Smart women make it a priority to bring up smart daughters.

There are only two lastings bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings. ~Hodding Carter

My business, Stella Blue, is all about inspiring young girls to freely express themselves through a wider variety of colours. We have to start somewhere!


A smart man knows how to listen to a woman even when she’s not speaking


After a bad day, this post and two cookies really helped get me back on track! Thanks


Smart women google Elon Musk, and find you much more compelling. : )


@Monika I have to agree with you on that one, Monika!


I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing such a simple yet empowering piece.

Lori :)


A very inspiring and encouraging post. With you on all of it except for the one about the dog!


Smart women know that life begins at 40—it does NOT end—as long as there is breath in us—smile and be happy!


Smart women know that life begins at 40, not ends,and we should be happy and smile as long as there is breath in us!


smart women know when to get on their knees


Smart women know that men come and go but a dog will love you forever.



smart women also know that everything said above is the ideal case scenario and give themselves the right to be humans, since that is already a hard task as it is and because it means giving that right to others. smart women know that what is written in this list is the picture of goddesses and gods and therefore have the humility to understand that all of these ideas are mere guidelines of what somebody said smart women should be like. smart women know that in order to act on love you first have to feel that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ and try not to degrade feelings by saying they are ‘just’ feelings.
smart women wonder if they are smart and are carefull calling themselves smart since instinctivly the know for sure one thing: that we all are monkeys who came down from trees, living on a tiny peace of dried lava which is hovering in a big huge amount of nothingness inbetween other tiny peaces of lava.


Thank you so much for this article. I love it and appreciate it so much!


Smart women know how to appreciate true friends. We call these type friends, our mafia friends because we are just too linked in hearts and spirit to ever exit each other’s world.


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