May, 2012

27 DOs + DON’Ts for being a badass woman

I was invited to participate in Productive Flourishing’s ongoing “core conversation” about female empowerment. Which got me thinking about what it means to be ’empowered’. As always, I consulted some books — in this case Anne Doyle’s POWERING UP, Gloria Feldt’s NO EXCUSES and Linda Austin’s WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK? (excellent, all; I highly recommend them) — and came up with the list you see below. Said list is by no means exhaustive, so if you wish to add to it in the comments section, go ahead, I’d be delighted.

And just to add — I searched stock images for ‘powerful woman’ and ‘powerful womanhood’ and was depressed and dismayed at what came up. Apparently being a powerful woman means wearing a manly business suit, pretending to box, pretending to box while nearly naked, holding a gun, or standing alone. Lame. Incredibly lame. If you can find something better, please send it to me. click here


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thinking on the edge: how “conceptual blending” makes you more creative

You can become someone to be reckoned with by developing your deep interests and fusing them into a Molotov cocktail.

You could change the game that way.

You can become not only the best at what you do – but the only one who does the special voodoo that you do (and anybody else would come off as a cheap imitator). click here

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the art of combining opposites: Johnny Depp, the creative badass + the lover-warrior


Your heart is a weapon the size of your fist. Keep fighting. Keep loving.

I love this phrase. I saw it on a poster and then looked it up on the ‘Net, which says it originated as graffiti in Palestine.

Stripped of those associations, it still resonates.

It is, for example, a great rallying cry for the creative badass. click here

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how Joyce Carol Oates would launch a writing career today


A friend of mine was on a panel with Joyce Carol Oates. My friend is – as I am – a huge fan of JCO, so this was no small thing.

My friend was there to discuss ‘self-esteem’; Oates was there to discuss ‘self-promotion’.

(I forgot to ask the theme of the panel, but I guess it was self-centered.)

Someone in the audience asked the venerable Ms Oates what she would do today, if she had to launch a writing career all over again.

She said click here

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authenticity rocks: how to radiate your way to success (as demo’d by Danielle LaPorte)

In an interview with Jonathan Fields, while “sing-songing her way through a longer answer to a question [he’d] posed about her success”, Danielle LaPorte said something intriguing:

I decided to stop selling and start radiating.”

Jonathan, sharp tack that he is, jumped on this statement and got her to elaborate:

Which led to a whole conversation about the immense power of working from a place not of force, but of ease. Of building a sense of integrity, authenticity, alignment, confidence and raised energy that literally draws people to you like moths to a light. One that attracts them by standing in your truth so fiercely and publicly, you begin to radiate…and others want to know how…and do it here

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because you’re a creative badass

because you’re a creative badass

because you’re an intellectual outlaw

because you’re in the wisdom business

because we are what we make

because the world is your stomping ground

because the decisions you make out of fear
are the decisions you know you’ll regret click here

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