October, 2012

happy halloween: a soul cake for you

Two of my favorite words are ‘soul’ and ‘cake’, so imagine my delight when I was reading about Halloween (*cough*procrastination*cough*) and came across the concept of soul cakes.

Once upon a time, boys and girls, on the night known as Hallowe’en, people handed out soul cakes – or, more simply, ‘souls’ – to children and the poor who went from door to door, singing songs and making prayers for the dead.

When you ate a cake, you saved a soul. click here

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Jane Goodall, too many choices + the art of giving yourself permission (…to be a badass)

“We don’t get to choose what is true. We only get to choose what we do about it.”
― Kami Garcia


I love how feminism is often blamed for giving women too many choices.

Like this is a bad thing.

Men, it should be noted, have rather as many career options as women, and yet you don’t see Kevin or Brandon or Ted throwing up his hands and saying, Damn you, patriarchy! So many choices! Shoot me now!

(Men, it should also be noted, still don’t have to ‘choose’ between family and a high-powered career in the same way women do.)

I’m not denying the paradox of choice, wherein too many choices = overwhelm = paralysis (and no choice at all, which in itself is a kind of choice, but nevermind).

I’m just wondering if the problem isn’t something else entirely: a failure to give ourselves permission click here

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why ambition + motherhood go hand-in-hand

Once, some years ago, I was driving home with my then-mother-in-law when I opened up to her about my dreams as a writer, the books I felt I had in me.

Later, it filtered back to me that she had gone to my then-husband and expressed concern about my ability to be a mother.

“Justine is too ambitious,” she said. click here

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Download the printable poster here.

Download the printable poster here.

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one cool way to figure out what your badass life is about

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dream of meeting your heart’s longing. — Oriah


Here’s a neat little exercise to help you state your life purpose.

It’s called, wittily enough, the Purpose Statement.

Although it’s always been important for us humans — pattern-seeking creatures that we are — to use purpose to put meaning into our lives, it’s increasingly important for us to use purpose just to keep our damn sanity.

We lead fragmented lives. We belong not just to one tribe, but many; we cycle through different roles in the course of a day; our identity is a bright, shifting, quicksilver thing. We contain multitudes. We try on different careers. We develop click here

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why the pursuit of your dream is your sacred obligation

Like the sun, like the light, like the flame
Like the storm I burn through everything
Like a bomb in the night, like a train
Thunder rings through the hills, let it rain
I’m a sinner, I like it that way.
— from the song “I’m a Sinner” by Madonna

I saw Madonna in concert the other night at the Staples Center in downtown LA. At one point she did a strip tease for the audience and presented us with her elegantly sculpted backside.

Her body is ripped.

Due partly to her age – at 54, the woman is my hero – her body is a spectacle in and of itself. She held the pose, breathing hard from dancing, layered in a thin sheen of sweat, knowing she had the full collective gaze of a sold-out stadium. A wave of cameraphones lifted through the air snapping photos of her — and the name written in large black letters across her back:


Malala Yousafzai, the 14 year old girl in Pakistan who spoke out for the female right to an education. A representative of the Taliban stopped her school bus and got onboard. He asked for Malala. He singled her out from the other children. He shot her three times in the head and neck. click here

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the art of finding your calling

The potential of our own creativity is rapidly being compromised by the era we live in. I believe that genius in the 21st century will be attributed to people who are able to unplug from the constant state of reactionary workflow, reduce their amount of insecurity work, and allow their minds to solve the great challenges of our era. Brilliance is so rare because it is always obstructed, often by the very stuff that keeps us so busy. — Scott Belsky

I went to hear Gabrielle Bernstein and Mastin Kipp speak to a packed room of mostly women, mostly young. During the Q & A a dark-haired beauty stood up in the second row and asked: what do you do in the meantime when you’re still trying to find your Purpose? How do you find your Purpose?

(Yes, this is the kind of scene where people talk about ‘spirit’ and use the word purpose with a capital P. If you’re not into that vocab, I get it, but bear with me.)

She said she was doing the soul-searching and writing in her journal and taking action to explore different things and opening herself up to be receptive and letting things come to her. She said she was “praying on it”. But what should she do? click here

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4 things you should know about your calling

1. You don’t get to choose your calling.

I guess that’s why it’s called “a calling”. We can’t choose what calls us; we can only listen close – and have the courage to accept what it tells us.

Callings can be so damn inconvenient.

They usually arrive as some form of pain.

They’re an itch, a yearning, a slow deadening of the soul, a restless knowledge that you are meant for something else, if you can only figure out what it is.

The body knows. Finding your calling can be like that child’s game of hot and cold. When you’re moving away from your calling, the body treats that as – cold! — nothing less than self-betrayal. click here

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