Oct 22, 2012

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Great layout of already great words. I really like how you widened it to fill the page.


Ha Ha ! Beautiful ! Will Put on my Front Door ! Thank You

It seems to me most men learn the Art of NO early in life..
but woman get sucked into being people pleaser’s as the nurturing instinct is so strong.

This is a good start to developing new language and reclaiming ourselves with
dignitygracewithbeauty at same time !

Nice Girls kick butt to get everyone being Accountable rather then living via excuses.


Thanks! I have absolutely no problem saying NO! but I have a friend who needs bucking up.

She ought to be able to find SOME way – I’m printing it full color for her.

Done in a classy way – how could anyone take offense at the content?


Wow. I printed this out yesterday and finally said no to a “friend” who keeps hounding me for free legal advice from the law firm where I work. I AM a badass!


Justine, I found this incredible list via … Pinterest, surprise. I felt compelled to jump to your site and see what else you’re up to. This is great! I saw the bit from “The Invitation” (a poem i memorized at 20) and knew I had stumbled upon a lovely community. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more!


A million yeses to this! I love it, and it always makes me laugh.
You inspired me so much that I made my own knock off: “25 (More) Bad Ass Ways to Say No”.
Of course, yours takes the cake, but I posted mine here if you want to check it out: http://sohelpmecats.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/day-11-25-more-bad-ass-ways-to-say-no/


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