November, 2012

8 compelling reasons to turn down the ego and turn up the soul

Fall down seven times, get up eight. — proverb


Traditional story structure has what’s often called an “all is lost” moment, when the character appears to lose everything and the goal seems forever out of reach.

It’s basically a symbolic death.

The character has to die to his old way of seeing things. His world view is shattered. He’s fallen and he can’t get up.

He must undergo a fundamental shift in perspective, a change in the paradigm through which he sees the world.

When this happens, it’s a symbolic rebirth.

He becomes the phoenix rising from the ashes, a new version of himself, equipped with the insight and wisdom he was lacking before.

The story gets going again, takes an unexpected twist (otherwise known as Plot Point 2) and barrels down the home stretch toward climax and resolution. The true sign of a character’s growth and maturation is his ability to self-sacrifice. Often he gives up the very thing he thought he wanted in order to get what he needs, which puts him in service to something or someone he loves. click here

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how to start creating your blog community

The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart + your soul. — Seth Godin


A friend of mine was asking what she should do with her email list. Since I’m still learning about that myself, I’m not exactly the authority on this topic.

But from the gist of her conversation, and my own experience as a blogger, I could sense one change that she immediately needed to make.

“You have to stop thinking in terms of what you can get from them,” I said, “how you can get them to serve you and your business. You have to think about what you can give them, the value you can create. Think of your email list as another way of helping them get what they want.”

I could practically hear the click of the lightbulb inside her head as she reframed her perspective. We started talking about how she could use an email newsletter to help her subscribers in their quest for health and wellness.


An important milestone in the evolution of a blogger: when she stops asking How can I get more traffic? and starts asking something like, How can I create the kind of value that will serve the right audience and maybe inspire a community to form around my stuff?
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you were born to be a badass

I’m gonna raise, raise hell
There’s a story no one tells
You gotta raise, raise hell
Go on and ring that bell

— Brandi Carlile



You were born to be a badass.

It is your right as a man.

It is your right as a woman.

You were born to raise your own brand of hell, to be who you are and say what you need to say.

You were born to pursue greatness, to unlock the code of your soul and discover your life’s work.


In his new book MASTERY, Robert Greene talks about intensity of attention and how it allowed our ancestors to survive and thrive on the savannahs. click here

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Oprah + the nature of influence

I’m fascinated by Oprah. I was also fascinated by the response to her book club – more specifically, the snark, which culminated in Jonathan Franzen’s infamous conflicted reaction to his novel THE CORRECTIONS being an Oprah pick. He feared that the fabled O sticker slapped on the cover would turn off serious readers.

The implicit understanding was that Oprah’s audience translated to worshipful Midwestern housewives who would drink poison if she told them to, follow her off a cliff.

Yet when you read the Amazon reviews of Oprah’s book club picks, you couldn’t help but notice a lot of dissent. Members of her audience might buy a book based on her recommendation, but that didn’t mean they would like it, or agree with the ideas expressed within it, or approve of the characters.

Even within Oprah’s magical aura it was clear that there was a lot of independent thinking going on.

I think that was my first inkling of the nature of influence. click here

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the perils of pink

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass. — Maya Angelou


I bought a girl pen.

I was curious. I was on a pen-buying binge, on Amazon, when I came across this purple thing with Swarovski crystals that purported to be just for me, because I’m a wo-wo-woman, which I guess means that all the other pens, including the pens I’ve been using all this time, are for men. Good to know.

The pen arrived two days later. I had forgotten I’d ordered it – I forget, it’s what I do — so my first thought upon opening it: What the hell is this?

My second thought: If you saw someone using a pen like this – whipping it out, say, at a boardroom meeting, or a book signing, or a conference – could you take her seriously? Perhaps she keeps it by her Barbie dolls, her unicorn posters, her pastel pink notebooks decorated with fairy stickers. click here

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