5 reasons why you should totally sign up at the last minute for this women-only erotica workshop with Rachel Resnick + me




1. Develop a compelling signature voice….

…..unique and passionate, the kind a person can track a mile away. By tapping your creative core, exploring your inner fantasy landscape, you will learn how to bring more of yourself into your communication style.

Your voice is who you are.

You don’t need transformation. You’ve already bloomed. You need to remove the blocks that prevent you from being who and what you truly are. Writing erotica scenes — learning how to ‘go there’ – how to reach the hidden parts of yourself and surface the treasure you find — will help you do that.

2. Get creatively unstuck.

Shake up your routine. Get out of your rut. Try something new. Expose yourself to new ideas, inspiration and influences. You never know where you’ll find the next cool idea that you can transfer to your own work – to innovate, to break through, to soar. Maybe you’ll find it with us.

3. Step up to your edge – and beyond.

Learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable – to ride your edge, and push beyond – is one of the most powerful ways you can invest in your future. The sense of increased confidence you get from new experiences transfers to other areas of your life.

Little steps, little risks, add up to big leaps.

Come risk a little.

4. Meet cool LA women.

Dynamic enough to be varied and stimulating, small enough to be intimate. Come share some thoughts, tell some stories, make some friends. Have some fun. And a glass of prosecco.

5. Develop and polish your writing.

You will get a great, in-depth critique that will make you a better, spicier writer. Whether you want to write blog posts and tweets – or the next Great American (Erotic) Novel – you’ll come out of this workshop inspired to go for it.

It’s tomorrow. So if your intuition is feeling us, decide now…
Sign up…
Come spend the day with us!

Check us out here

Post below or email me any questions or to be on the list for future events.

Feb 16, 2013

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Hi Justine, I can’t make this workshop, but I would very much like to be on the list for future events. I do plan to move to L.A. within a year.


Hi Justine,
I would love to know about future events. I’m in central Florida. Any chance of an Orlando or Tampa location in the future? LA is fine if it’s all I can get.


Does my head have to tilt to one side (or will it after the workshop)?


No. We leave the tilting of the head purely to your discretion.


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