the goal isn’t to conquer each other



You are not origami. Unfurl.Kelly Diels

As men and women, we are the same but different.

We are different but equal.

Let’s celebrate difference, between and among the genders. Let’s meet it with curiosity, not judgment. With tolerance, openness, and a sense of (fair) play.

The goal isn’t to conquer each other, but to find wholeness.

And joy.


Healing – and we all need it – comes through sharing our stories. It comes through bearing witness.

We need to write our own stories, know them, and tell them.

We also need to listen — truly listen — to each other. Let’s set aside our defenses and search for the truth in what the other is saying. What we search for is what we tend to find.

We co-create each other. click to tweet

We need to embrace both the masculine and feminine principles in ourselves. As a culture we are taught to scapegoat the feminine and cast it low: boys and men because it is weak, girls and women because it is bad. Jung associates soul with the feminine (and spirit with the masculine). Restore the feminine to a healthy place in the culture, and you bring back soul.

Soul is embodied in flesh and blood. Soul is body and body is soul. To meet with the truth of your soul is to accept and love your body, from the top of your imperfect head to the bottom of your imperfect feet.

To lean into the voice of your soul is to listen to the wisdom of your body. We used to dismiss this kind of knowing as women’s intuition. Now we know that neural intelligence exists in the heart and gut as well as the brain.

Hunches, gut feelings, images, symbols, dreams: this is the language of your nonverbal intelligence. This is the music of your soul.

Life doesn’t move in a straight line. It has a way of circling back, so you can pick up what you missed the last time. It is organic and makes itself up as it goes along. It is inherently creative. We are inherently creative.

When you lean into your soulvoice, you learn the expression that your soul needs to take. It compels you. Nurture it, honor it, and it will compel others.

We are constantly creating ourselves: through every choice and decision, every small or large action, we carve out a life.

We stamp the planet with our collective soulprint.

The planet will go on, in some altered form, no matter what we do to it. We, however, might not.

Love or die: these are the options.

Love is better.

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Jun 4, 2013

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One big global jazz ensemble. Each of us a player. Improvising and cooperating to create unwritten rhythms and melodies. Only way to make it sound any good: listen and poke and cooperate and give each other space and a place to share our parts. None of us a master. Everyone a student. Always. Here to learn from each other, and sometimes harmonize, even as we tease out our own sounds. Respect. Play. Love. Repeat. Thank you Justine.


Forever remember this objective post, showing how you’ve moved past the negative aspects of the past and provide a greater insight on the positive future lying ahead of us. I feel the need to regurgitate alot of what you’ve written well below me and shared here in this post. Accepting the fact that boys and girls are different and equal but need to work together to create a better world for everyone at the same time to share. This is a good lens of world harmony you possess and we need to embrace this view together, rather than always one up behind each other’s backs. Thank you.


I am so glad I’ve found your site. Subscribe? Yes, Ma’am.


you’re right…

the goal isn’t to conquer each other
the goal is to conquer oneself


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