mea culpa



In a recent post titled the so-called lies of lifestyle design (+ the secret truth about tim ferriss), I included a quote from another blogger that used the word ‘tranny’.

I would like to do now what I failed to do then, which is to say —

This is an ignorant and unacceptable way to refer to transgender people.

And I apologize.

Sep 22, 2013

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Thank you.

I had been going to write a complaint about it until I noticed that you were quoting someone else. And in order that it be a constructive comment, I wrote some about my experience as a trans* person in the context of your actual post. I saved that text because I thought it was a worthwhile thing to say anyway. Here it is …

Dear Justine,

I appreciate what you say about opiate-generating activities, and that they involve grit, discipline, self-knowledge and effort. And the satisfaction that I feel when I write a piece of prose that works, that is beautiful, that conveys my meaning, is exactly as you say it should be.

My writing comes from “where it hurts”, and I am able to write that way because I have had the experience of learning myself, what I want and need most in the world, and have put in the effort to achieve it, had the grit and discipline to make the required sacrifices to become more truly myself. Sacrifices that have included leaving my family, when their bigotry about my life choices and choice of gender expression made our relationship untenable.

My choices and my determination, the grief and joy they have given me, the abuses I have undergone and the friendships I have made because of them, are the well now from which I create stories and screenplays.

… So thank you again Justine, for your apology and for having the respect to make it.


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