this story has bigger plans for you



You were born into a story of culture, time and place. You were born with another story inside you; the question is if you will tell it.

(Or if it will tell you.)

What is it that drives you? What is the spine that your life will flesh itself around? Maybe you need to create beauty. Maybe you need to seek truth. Maybe you need to find the beloved. Maybe you need to please your father, even after you’ve scattered his ashes from a California pier.

You begin in your ordinary world. Life is routine. But then something happens. There’s a stirring inside you, like a hand at the small of your soul nudging you onward. You resist it for as long as you can, until you realize that to stay is to die.

You come into intention. You say: I want. You embody a goal. The shape of the story forms around you as you step into your protagonist role.

(Unless you give it up — and give it over to someone else’s I want — even if that want is you.)

By refusing to maintain the status quo, you’re already starting to change it.

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Complications ensue. This stuff is harder than it looks. The world gives you what you need to see your weakness, to start to see clear. The word ‘problem’ comes from the word ‘proballein’, which means ‘to throw or lay before.’ Problems now lay themselves along your path, stepping stones to a higher version of you.

It’s no longer a question of what you want, but who you must become.

The journey takes you and shapes you.

Some of your backstory rises. Your sacred wound: the story within the story. All your hurt leads down to this essential scar. Stories like to rip it off so that you can bleed afresh.

You have to lie down. Maybe you’re knocked down. It’s your taste of mortality. You die to what you can no longer be. You cast off the thinking that no longer serves you. You start to ask different questions. You release whatever it is that you thought you wanted.

The story has bigger plans for you. click to tweet

You surrender yourself to it.

This makes victory possible.

Maybe there’s wild rejoicing, or the quiet satisfaction of a job well done. You’ve slain the dragon and conquered yourself. You are mistress of a new world.

The new world slowly turns ordinary.

You begin in your ordinary world. Life is routine. But then something happens. There’s a stirring inside you…

Oct 20, 2013

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Bloody hell Justine, how do you do it? I feel like every word you write is carved in bone from your soul and spotlit by skylights all boasting the same message: NOW is the time to write and explore and create.

Wow, I write smarter whenever I comment on here! Woot. :D

Love the loops of the narrative and the cyclic changes, rebirths, and transformations. We are here to live, and grow, and heal and connect from the deepest space possible.

Thank you for touching the fire in my heart with this.


Thank you so much Justine.
I really needed this as what I decided to do and accomplish now that my 3 kids are at school full day is much harder than I thought but I am fighting the dragon….
I never comment but always read your posts.


Thrilled to rediscover your blog.. your insights.. your inspiration.. and dude, the way you word things! Seems whenever I descend back into writing mode (which is never often enough) I find you. Thanks :)


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