let go before it poisons you



Let go before it poisons you
+ turns your blood to bitters

(you have swallowed the enemy)

let go before it skewers your heart
+ takes it apart

(nothing in the chambers but dust)

let go before you’re stuck
in the rewind
raising your hands to push against nothing
contorting your mouth to speak
against nothing

let go because the marks
they stamped into your body
will fade to scars + stories

(the things they said were never true anyway)

let go before the green life
gets bored + wanders off

(it can’t enter you unless you’re empty)

let go because that ledge
is crumbling

it’s time to learn

what waits to deliver you

when you fall.

Dec 18, 2013

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this is what i feel right now. My poo wont come out.


@Tim A mild laxative might help, Tim. Best of luck.


Yeah, I’m with you, ledge crumbling and all. Scared of falling though, my tenaciousness turning against me (I will not let go!). Some green tendrils trying to get hold of my mind. I try not the breath, too much. Would be nice to have some inkling of how I could use my strength for myself instead of against me, though.


This resonates beautifully…thank you


Thank you. I was going to say more, but really, that sums it up.


@justine musk

What a great response. :)


Am going to take this as a sign today. Have been grappling with whether I’m holding onto my job because of grim determination and martyr like commitment or if I’m just scared to let go.


Wow – great advice that applies to all of us – whether we want to admit it or not! Thanks:))


This is tough for me. The essence of your poem lingered with me all day. When you have been wronged it is not easy to let go. I know it’s the goal because your anger eventually turns against you-I know-but it’s not easy. Your poem needs to be on my bulletin board as a reminder…in fact….:) Thanks Justine.


Every now and then I succeed in letting “it” go only to have it reemerge when I get into difficulty. It’s really hard to not lay blame for your short comings. I really do like your poem and I will try to keep looking forward this year…but not too far forward.


You are absolutely wonderful. I’ve just been reading so many of your posts, so rarely do I find someone who bravely says the things I’ve been thinking, feeling or need to hear.
Thank you.


This could be categorized under ‘Living well is the best revenge” …My mantra for many years.


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