because we are what we make



because we are what we make

because the world is your studio

because there is joy when you master the tough stuff

because failure teaches you
what you didn’t know you needed to know

(+ mistakes are an art)

because you have the right to reinvent yourself
+ pain is just a sign your soul is changing

because you live in that squeeze-space of creative tension
+ it’s groovy

because you press the collective soul-nerve

because the universe is infinite

— but we are not.

Feb 28, 2014

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This. Wow. “pain is just a sign your soul is changing.” Tweeting the soul out of this one. Thank you, Justine. It’s been a trying week and your words slice through and give me strength.


because waiting around for the perfect mood to strike is like hoping it will snow in the desert, in July. It could happen, but you’re probably better off working a little bit day by day to build that sweet-talking snow cone machine you’ve always wanted, even though it’s really hot, and even though you’ve got 13 new episodes of House of Cards waiting for you on Netflix.


you have a gift for writing. thanks for sharing. Pain is a gift from the universe to turn you from finite to infinite.


because you have factored in betrayal – is missing…


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