darling, it is time to be powerful.



Power is a neutral value.

Love without power is anemic, as Martin Luther King Jr pointed out (and power without love is tyranny).

You cannot protect what you love if you do not have power.

You sure as hell can’t change the world.

We *cannot* fall into the trap of accepting a very narrow, top-down, command-and-control definition as the essential nature of ‘power’, to the point where we dismiss the subject altogether because it is distasteful to us.

The point is not to play the same old game, whether we’re buying into it or rebelling against it. Either way, you’re still letting the other person define the terms and set the rules

(which will *not* be in your favor).

The point is to keep your eye to the horizon, your ear to the ground, and channel the resources around you and the people on your side to discover a new game that embodies new values.

It is to claim — and to share, to spread, to enable, to inspire — the power to do that.

Aug 27, 2015

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The power to pick ourselves is what’s possible in the 21st century


So true. Now we have to take ourselves seriously (but not too seriously) + know that we’re worth it. And I just totally flashbacked to that old L’oreal commercial. But you know what I mean, unless you’re a young one who has no idea what commercial I’m talking about. :)


Truly inspiring and insightful! Every other regressive notion, ideal, definition of power or any other social ideology, collapses like a pyramid of cards when we channelize our deeper self and start operating from the deeper yes. And the important thing is that it is not about the destruction of the old, but the path it paves to new structures, that are more genuine, transparent, free from unfairness, biases, exploitation which would sustain and nurture those billion other deeper yes’s which won’t have to hold back or think twice to speak up and act as themselves.


Justine, I need your advise. I have been in a 25yr relationship. Living together for the last 16 yrs. He has agreed to marriage but wants me to sign a prenuptual. I am 55, a retired RE Broker by his request. He is the sole provider for the last 2 yrs. Everything is in his name. I trusted him that we were equal partners. South Dakota does not recognise common law. I have not seen the prenup it is being drawn up. He said I will need an attourney to review and add verbiage for my protection if the marriage dissolves. The romantic in me says I am in this forever. I want to be smart. Not give him all the Power. What should I put in the prenup? Any help would be appreciated.


Great blog, but why the stripper pole image?


Because hardcore porn just seemed inappropriate. :)

Also as a challenge to conventional notions of strength and power and female sensuality (as weak, submissive, evil, as either a sign of victimhood or lack of morality).

Pole fitness, darling. Check it out.


this resonated with me. I’m making it my affirmation “darling it is time to be powerful”


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