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the attention economy and the case for compelling fiction: what it is, why you need to write it

1 Writing fiction in the digital age means dealing with the realities of the attention economy. Content is everywhere. Information is everywhere. Attention, as Michael H Goldfaber points out in WIRED magazine remains limited. There are only so many minds per capita, and each mind pays attention to one thing at a time (just like…

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what the kindle taught me about my reading habits, and why the print novel will never die (maybe)

1 I once had an argument with my ex-husband (okay, we had many arguments, but that’s not the point) about the future of traditional publishing: within five to ten years, he declared airily, print publishing would cease to exist. No way, said I, because people still like and need the physical, the tangible. No matter…

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why the Kindle makes me want to be a more compelling writer

1 I buy books like a maniac. For readers like me, a Kindle makes economic sense. In theory. In actual practice, downloading books onto my Kindle instead of buying the more expensive, book-object versions hasn’t saved me any money. It just means I can download more books. And I do. I can read about a…

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