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WRITING AND SUCCESS IN THE DIGITAL AGE: who are you writing for (and will they want to read you)?

1 One of my favorite blogs to follow is socialmedia rockstar Chris Brogan’s. So when Chris blogged about a book he loved (and by a YA author I have much respect for), it was like two wires crossing to spark off a deep, personal pleasure in my own little virtual universe. I found Chris’s post…

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the happy death of “genre vs literary” in the world of the Technorenaissance

cross-posted at Storytellers Unplugged 1 I was hanging out in a writer’s forum and came across the age-old question of how do you define genre and literary? which always turns into genre vs literary: genre types bash the literati for lacking plot (which is absurd), while the literati bash the genre-ati for lacking everything else…

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how the internet killed the storyteller. except if maybe it didn’t.

Is the Internet killing storytelling? Ben Macintyre in The Times says it is: …we are in state of Continual Partial Attention, too bombarded by snippets and gobbets of information to focus on anything for very long. Microsoft researchers have found that someone distracted by an e-mail message alert takes an average of 24 minutes to…

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